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Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to For the love of all things fabulous! My goal is that you come to think of me as someone you can sit down and chat with a latte in hand (or whatever your “cup of tea” might be). I want to bring you meaningful content that will enlighten and entertain you on various topics that I am passionate about.

Why fabulous? Well I guess it could have been For the love of all things great…or For the love of all things wonderful??? I decided to marry the two and bring you the definition of fabulous. Amazingly good; wonderful.

I’m passionate about personal style, home decor, organization, all things equestrian, food & refreshment, and family life. To get involved in sharing my excitement for these topics, please be sure to visit often!

I’m Nicole (Niki). I married my husband Johnny on a beach in 2010, we have a beautiful daughter, Isla (4). We have 2 dogs, a boston terrier named Frannie (1) and a miniature pinscher named Lizzie (15) Our family also includes a welsh pony named Roxy and my perfect gentleman of a horse named Gabe. We have a unique lifestyle because of our involvement with show horses. We spend our time between Minnesota and Florida and other horse show destinations in between. My husband is a professional horseman and trains hunter/jumpers. I am in the “logistics” or management role for our equestrian business as well as managing the stables we are fortunate to be apart of. I’m grateful for having grown up in Minnesota and I’m also grateful to escape it during the harsh winter months now.

I was inspired to create For the love of all things fabulous while helping a friend with a home decor makeover. I am motivated by making things beautiful and functional. During the time in which I worked on her project (and was thinking, wow, she actually trusts me to take the reins on this?) I decided that I could have something to offer people in sharing my passions and interests. And so it began, the journey to creating For the love of all things fabulous.

And with that, I welcome you and invite you to stay connected.



A few photos from my decor project below


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