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Hello beautiful people.

Welcome back! You will learn that I am a huge fan of finding the best ways to be organized and make life as simple as possible in a not so simple world. This brings me to today’s post. Let’s talk about Cozi. Not in the hygge sense that might come to your mind initially which would likely include a delicious cashmere sweater and a latte by the fire. I’m talking about the family organizer I use for my daily life. I was thrilled by the ability Cozi gave me to keep my calendar organized along with my to do lists, shopping lists, and recipes. You need to see this. It is the way to any organizers heart. I will tell you what I love most about Cozi and then you can check it out for yourself. I’m a huge cheerleader for it among my friends and family and I’m excited that I can now share it with all of you as well.

I’ll use my own family as an example to explain some of the fabulous features in Cozi. You can use it on your pc or mac, iPhone or android via the app. It is so easy to get set up. Once you do, you’ll wonder what you did without it!

I look at my Cozi about 50 times in the span of a day. Before Cozi I would often get the feeling I was forgetting to do something. I came home from doing errands countless times having forgotten things I’d intended to do or purchase. After joining Cozi I was able to create to do lists and shopping lists specific to each different aspect of my life. I can have lists for all the stores I frequent in one place. And being able to check the box and see the line through my accomplishments is so very rewarding! Then you can keep the checked items around to see what you’ve accomplished or simply delete the checked items for a cleaner look (my preference). I can have multiple to do lists! Daily to do, errands, people to call, long term – the possibilities are endless and can be completely customized to your own needs. There are also pre-made planning checklist from the Cozi list library. I can choose from lists like the Birthday Party Checklist, Vacation Planning List, After School Checklist, and more.

Johnny, Isla, and myself are assigned to a color code and that can differentiate us with appointments and to do lists (Even the pets can have one!). If I want to see only Isla’s activities I can filter it so that I can see only appointments assigned to her color code. It’s honestly my saving grace. If I add “family photo session” to our calendar, Johnny can pop into the app and see it moments later. If I need to send Isla to school with cupcakes next Friday I can set a due date and get reminded. I can be at the grocery store and Isla could tell Johnny we are out of her favorite Babybel cheese – he can add it right then and it will show up on my list. Disclaimer – Adding items after I’ve checked out may be ignored and saved for another day.

Then there is one of my most favorite features. Any time I find a recipe online (Pinterest for me) that’s a keeper, I use the import feature to save it in Cozi. All of my recipe favorites will be in one location I can access from wherever I am—plus, it’s faster than bookmarking or emailing recipes to myself that I have to organize later. Once they are in my Cozi recipe box, I can automatically add all of the ingredients to my designated list (groceries, for example). I have different list for different grocery stores!!! Because you know you can’t get all the items you want from one store, am I right? A lot of my friends say that they are incapable of meal planning. This will make it so easy! Seriously. Once your recipes are in your recipe box, you can drag and drop recipes to each day and get all the ingredients you need for them in one easy list. If Johnny wants to know what is for dinner, he can simply open up Cozi and there you have it.

Another little splash of fabulous is added in with Cooking Mode. This means our screen stays lit (doesn’t dim and turn off from inactivity) so I can prepare dinner without touching my phone or tablet with fingers laden with a wooden spoon and olive oil. Can I get a hallelujah?

One last fabulous feature I want to be sure to share is Cozi Today. Today shows me everything I have going on each day in an easy digest view that includes upcoming appointments, current to dos, and recently added shopping list items. EASY.

Click here to explore and try Cozi for yourself. The best part, it’s free!

So, who is ready to get Cozi? What are your thoughts?

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