The Monday Brief: WEF Week VI 2019

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Hello Beautiful Friends!

“Woah, we’re halfway there – Woah, livin’ on a prayer”

It’s true! – we’ve hit the halfway mark of the WEF 2019 season. Many things in life seem to pass by in the blink of an eye and I’m sure this season will be no exception. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything I would like to do. Do you know the feeling?

You probably get tired of hearing me say this, but again it was a week where you would have needed to be more than one human to do it all. WCHR week at WEF, Jumper classes at Global Dressage, 5* Palm Beach Masters Nations Cup at Deeridge… And probably a bunch of other things I am not recalling at the moment.

The $134K CSI3* CabanaCoast Grand Prix took place over at the Global Dressage International Ring on Friday evening. I am always awestruck by the fact that they do the class there. It is obviously do-able because they do it, people ride, some come out on top. Others appear to have their horses’ minds blown and probably take a couple of notches out of their confidence. Or maybe it’s an optical illusion? I don’t know, it is just a lot of really big jumps in what feels like a small and crowded space. Only 2 were clear in the class which was the smallest fraction of what we had in the 5* last week. Somewhere in between is more common. Nicole Shahinian-Simpson was the only double clear of the evening for the win. Spencer Smith did jump off against her but had a rail down to finish 2nd. By my count, 8 horses either retired or were eliminated in the first round and a couple of pairs had faults into the 20’s. Kent Farrington finished 6th and I bring this up out of order only because it was such an interesting ride to watch! When you saw the horse traveling you would never imagine it could do the job, but it has such an amazing jump! I don’t know if it is green or quirky, but Emmerton is one to watch!

Congratulations to Nicole and Akuna Mattata on that well-deserved win!

The Greens, High Performance, Juniors, and Amateur Owner Hunters had their time to shine in the WEF International Ring this week. It was a gathering of many of the top Hunters. Each year during WCHR week the $100K WCHR Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular is the highlight of the week on Saturday night. There were 31 entries this year that took to the field. It was quite a night – we ended up sitting right in front of fence 8 of the course, which my friend Juliana aka @techequestrian, referred to as the Spooktacular jump of the night. And that it was! Of course, there were plenty of horses that didn’t give it a second thought, but my oh my were there many who did and they did NOT like it at all. Some gave a big peek whilst others refused to get near it all together. I thought the riders did an amazing job with this unexpected trouble spot if it presented a challenge with their horses’. I have to give a shout out to my friend, Chris Brown, on his awesome ride aboard his beautiful guy, Portrait. He was sitting in a 3-way tie with Jimmy Torano and Maria Rassmussen to come back for the Handy round and the panel elected Maria to go forward. I want to know what the deciding factors are in that?!

When it came time for the top 12 scores to return, I think a lot of people would share in my hopes for Jordan Allen to have won. Coming in 3rd in a class of that caliber and against that group of horses and riders had to be a pretty magical moment for her. While I liked Amanda Steege’s first round better, I do think that Tori Colvin’s handy round was absolutely gorgeous and earned the win.

I have to give one more shout out to my favorite hunter, Golden Rule. He ended up 15th. He will always be a favorite for me!

1st – Victoria Colvin – Private Practice 182.66

2nd – Amanda Steege – Lafitte De Muze 182.16

3rd – Jordan Allen – Kind of Blue 177.57

4th – Liza Boyd – Tradition 174.99

5th – Jamie Taylor – Small Anecdote 174.74

6th – Maria Rasmussen – SKF On My Own 174.24

7th – Scott Stewart – Bright Side 172.82

8th – Liza Boyd – Cassanto 170.66

9th – Kelley Farmer – Consent 166.33

10th – Maria Rassmussen – Hobbs Lane 160.66

11th – Augusta Iwasaki – Small Occasion 156.99

12th – Isha Swani – Bond 148.32

Victoria Colvin and Private Practice. Photo © Sportfot.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost you yet! As usual, there is more to cover than I can begin to do here! So while there is a lot more I could share on results for hunter week, you can find those on

I’ve got to skip on over to Deeridge Farm and talk about some of the Nations Cup competition. Things started up there on Wednesday and concluded Sunday afternoon with the CSIO5* Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA over 2 rounds of 1.60 competiton. There were a plethora of 5* events all week long, including multiple Grand Prix’s. The Suncast Grand Prix qualifier on Thursday was won by Cat Tyree and Bokai with a long list of top riders to follow in a class of 35. The $210K Longines Grand Prix followed the next day. Paul O’Shea claimed victory in that class aboard Imerald Van ‘t Voorhof. Cat and Bokai had another good day, but moved from her qualifier win to the 9th position finish for Friday.

Saturday was the $72K CSIO5* NetJets Classic 1.55. Ashlee Bond and Ereina finished 1st. They were the only double clear score. Great riding by Ashlee!

The Nations Cup competition was impressive. The endurance of competing in that format is impressive in itself. The victory would be with team MEXICO at the end. A big congrats to that team! They rode so very well and really earned that title. They went through the first round with NO faults! In the second round they had both an 8 fault, which they dropped – and the 4 faulter that they would end on as a total. The 2nd place team was Israel and they too were really strong competitors. They had accumulated 9 faults from the first round and ended up with a total of 9 after getting everyone through clear in the second round. Our beloved team USA ended up in 3rd place on the podium. In the second round, both HH Azur and Breitling LS had an uncharacteristic rail. After dropping one of those scores, they ended on a total of 12. It was great to see HH Azur (Annie) back in action! Lucy Deslauriers did an amazing job stepping in for Margie Engle at the last minute, as she wasn’t feeling well. If you would like to see more results and goods from the Palm Beach Masters Series at Deeridge, you can check it out at

Week VII is coming up on Wednesday. We will see both 2* and 5* classes resulting in the CSI5* $391K Rolex Grand Prix on Saturday night and the CSI2* $50K Dutta Corporation Grand Prix on Sunday. The CaptiveOne Advisors 1.50 Classic will also continue on Sunday. And the Hunter action will resume as normal this week, though I imagine there will be some that take the week off after the excitement and hard work leading up to WCHR week.

I also wanted to make sure and mention the Lip Sync Battle benefiting Danny & Ron’s Rescue that took place on Sunday.  It was a sold-out show, which is fabulous! With a full throttle 80’s theme, professional hunter and jumper riders teamed up to give it their best shot! Many barns and education programs also got involved and put on great performances. These riders and organizations were fundraising leading up to the event in addition to all of the great donations they received at the event.

I watched it on the live stream, which I was grateful that they offered. Such a great cause and huge applause for those who were involved in making that event such a success. One of the Peeps Foundation mini’s was adopted out for nearly $10K that all went to Danny & Ron’s. They earned enough to get a new transport van that they desperately needed from several separate $5K donations. Many top professionals offered lessons, lunches, and VIP experiences with the highest bids going straight to the rescue. Someone is even going to get to ride Brunello! How cool is that?! If you want to learn more about Danny & Ron’s, you can find them right here!

I have so many great things on tap to share with you all! Stay tuned!



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