The Monday Brief: WEF Week VII

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Hello beautiful people!

I’m not sure what just happened, but all of a sudden I find myself here again on a Sunday evening ready to sum up another week.

RIP week 7

The predicted high’s in the low 80’s this next week (8) will be well received by the equestrians in Florida. It was a hot one for the horses and riders with record heat. Coming up at WEF 8,  highlight classes include the U25 Semi Final, $209K Lugano Diamonds CSIO 4* Grand Prix, and $150K FEI Nations Cup CSIO 4*.

The $391K Palm Beach Equine Clinic 5* Grand Prix was the feature class of the week in the International ring for Saturday Night Lights.  37 horses came out for one of the biggest Grand Prix’s of the season. There would be no repeat of week 5 with a huge list to jump off in the 5*. 6 of 37 returned and they were all in it to win it in an intense jump off! There were some solid horses and riders that had trouble on the course in the first round. There were thrills, stops, and a rare spill.

Dani Goldstein and Lizziemary blazed in with feathers flying and wowing everyone with a bold inside turn from the first jump to the “WEF wall” jump in the jump off. The momentum continued and you could just see that they were not going to settle for anything less than the win, which they secured with room to spare in 37.76 seconds.

“Going into the jump-off, I knew I had Kent after me. “I saw Nayel and Alex go. I had walked inside to the wall, and I knew it looked sort of dicey, but my horse is good about those sort of weird angles. She didn’t quite see it today, and I got a little bit lucky I thought. I thought, “You gotta go out there. If you don’t try to win, you never win, so you might as well try.”

Alex Granato and Carlchen W jumped-off in 39.51 seconds, which would finish in second place.

“Going around I got a little hung-up,” said Granato. “I got one or two extra strides to the wall than I wanted. That was the only place I wasn’t thrilled with in the jump-off, but I thought he was really on the pace and did exactly what I wanted and stuck to the plan. I was happy with how it ended up. Dani was the clear winner with how she laid it on the table.”

Alex is on a role! He just recently won the World Cup class at the Palm Beach Masters series event.

“In the last year and a half he’s exceeded all of my expectations,” said Granato of the horse he’s ridden for six years. “He’s come so far, and he’s done a lot for and with me now. He’s on form, and now he just keeps stepping up to the plate for me. I’m thrilled about it.”

Nayel Nassar and Evergate Stables LLC’s Lucifer V were first to come back. They were clear in 39.91 seconds, which would ultimately result in third place.

“It’s my first grand prix under the lights in a long time in Wellington. This horse is a bit of a newer ride for me, so I’m just really excited that it’s going so well at this level. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season, and I’m just really pleased with how he jumped tonight.” Nayel Nassar.

Following them were Emil Hallundbaek and Chalisco, finishing in 40.02 seconds for fourth place.

Last to attempt was Kent Farrington on Creedance. They were fast in 38.65 seconds, but a rail in the double combination left them in sixth place.

Dani and Lizziemary won this same 5* grand prix during week 7 of last year’s WEF!

“It’s amazing to win two years in a row. It’s a hard feat to win one year, let alone two years in a row, so I’m shocked and amazed and happy. I was really thrilled. It felt like a long time coming – I jumped the last couple of big grand prix classes clear, and I would have one down in the jump-off, or I’d have one unlucky fault and it felt like I was at the edge and we were really close. This is not ideal weather; it’s sticky and hot and she was breathing heavy, but she managed to pull it all together. Even in the warm-up, I thought she may be a tad empty, but she went in there and tried her heart out. It was really amazing.”

$391,000 Palm Beach Equine Clinic Grand Prix CSI 5*:

The $10K USHJA National Hunter Derby on Friday took place in rings 11 and 12. The class was split into two categories, one for professionals and another for junior/amateurs. Each offered $10K in prize money and saw over 30 horse and rider combinations in each section.

Jeff Gogul ultimately won the professional section aboard Roaring Brook LLC’s Counselor.  They earned scores of 92.00 and 91.00 points for a grand total of 183.00 points.

Jackie MacDonald took the top spot in the junior/amateur section with Jennifer MacDonald’s Chalk Hill. The pair held a 3 point lead in the junior/amateur section with combined scores of 87 and 84 to produce a total of 171.

2nd in the pro section went to Meredith Gallagher and Annette Friend’s Rebel De Vizy with scores of 86.5 and 93 combining for a total of 179.5 points. Third place went to Havens Schatt with Julia McNerney’s Caemlyn Z with a total of 174 with scores of 91 and 83.

The junior/amateur section 2nd place finish was awarded to Kristen Simmons and Curb Appeal with scores of 90 and 79 totaling 169 overall. Hannah Loeffelbein and Two Point Equestrian LLC’s Trendsetter ended up with third place with scores of 79 and 88 for a total of 167.

Sundays at WEF are not short on excitement. There was the weekly $72,000 CaptiveOne Advisors 1.50m Classic and also a $50K Dutta Corp. Grand Prix CSI 2*.

Laura Chapot and Chandon Blue were one of eight clear in the first round of the 2* Grand Prix. They would jump off in 37.85 seconds for the win. Bretton Chad and The Pugilist were also fast and clear round in 38.72 seconds for second place. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum on La Caramba, owned by Artemis Equestrian Farm LLC were 3rd in 39.12 seconds. Hardin Towell on Oakland Ventures LLC’s Billy Cool finished in 39.63 seconds for fourth place.

$50,000 Grand Prix CSI 2* presented by The Dutta Corp. in association with Guido Klatte Results:

In the 1.50 CaptiveOne Advisors Classic, the best was for last when McLain Ward and Tradition de la Roque came back as the final competitor to take on the jump off. They completed the short course in 37.55 seconds, just enough for the win.

Lorenzo de Luca, riding Stephex Stables’ Evita Van’t Zoggehof, were clear in 37.81 seconds, which would end up in 2nd place. 3rd place went to Carlos Hank Guerreiro on H5 Jemousin, owned by H5 Stables, who was clear in 41.07 seconds. McLain went first in the jump-off on HH Gigi’s Girl, owned by Double H Farm. A rail and a time of 39.41 seconds left them in fourth place.

This was the 5th FEI ranking class top five placing for Tradition de la Roque since they started together in September 2018. He says she is simple and uncomplicated and while big can turn very tight. She’s for sale guys! Price just went up!

$72,000 CaptiveOne Advisors 1.50m Classic CSI 5* Results:

My week was really nice. I swear I’ll actually get in the show ring myself in the coming weeks. I am just honestly thrilled to have my horse down here each year and be able to ride in a beautiful ring (which is a replica of Rost by the way) and trail ride, watch, learn, meet people, and all of that jazz! My days are never long enough between Mom-ing, riding, managing, entertaining, blogging, and life-ing in general. I take my time when I come to Florida before making an appearance in the show ring. I know a lot of people have been asking me why I’m not showing, so there you have it!

I love that Minnesota friends are here showing. I was really happy about spending time watching them and getting together.

I am also really excited about my photo session with Kate Kosnoff of this past weekend. Having horse show photos while you and your horse are polished and performing are amazing of course, but I am such a candid photo loving person. Doing portrait style photos with Kate of Gabe and I was so nice and I can’t wait to see them!

Have a fabulous week!




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