A Shorts Story

Hello beautiful people!

Ladies, I’m going to start with a question: When you think about wearing shorts, would you consider it a pain point?

It always has been for me. I’m very self-conscious about my legs and how shorts fit and look on me. Many shorts that I see and would love to be able to wear just don’t work on me #pearlife. I’m mostly referring to denim shorts and anything in the 2-3″ inseam range.

If for any reason shorts aren’t your jam either, I wanted to share some current twists on typical shorts styles that might have you singing their praises…and hopefully, mine too!

I know plenty of women who refuse to wear shorts and find alternatives in maxi dresses and lightweight pants. That works! I’m that girl too, for the most part! Some might say to try bermuda style shorts (around 7″ inseam), but I don’t find them to be particularly flattering either. Pretty much any pair of shorts that “hug” my legs are NOT happening.

A few years back I had (to my delight) found the prettiest shorts from Anthropologie. The key is, they actually fit more like a skirt. I can work with that! Now imagine my delight when I found this style again during a recent stop at Anthro. YASSSSSS. There are several pull-on, flowy but not frumpy styles to choose from. They go hand in hand with the current trend – paper bag shorts (also fab if shorts aren’t typically your thing), named for its flattering waist pleats (compare to a scrunched-up top of a paper bag).

Here are a few of the styles that I picked up at Anthropologie. I really like that all of these options can be dressed up or down with the simple change of accessories, top, or shoes. 

In my closet

Patchwork pleated shorts

green motif & black motif

Scarf printed shorts

black motif & blue motif

And for extra fun, some of my favorite summer shoe styles

(keep scrolling down for more shorts;))

If you need some hands-on closet help or advice, I can help! Get in touch to discuss how we can work together. You can also get access to my free 3 Step Guide to Transforming Your Closet, here.

Here are my top picks! If you try any of them, let me know what you think!

Easy sophisticated pull-on style shorts that lay perfectly for comfort and style

Trending! Paper Bag Shorts

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