Hello my beautiful style loving friends!

The wonderful thing about seasons is that it always gives us something to look forward to – in life, but in fashion too! As my husband and I just discussed how many days it has been since we’ve seen the sun in Minnesota, it got me excited to dive into thinking about spring and COLOR and all things fabulous and sunshiny.

So let’s dive into spring fashion trends, shall we? As usual, some I will embrace and others….not so much. A theme you’ll find as in most things in life. Moderation.


We’re getting crafty this season! People want to feel less cookie cutter and mass produced and more sustainably made. Interlocking strands of yarn are just the ticket.

My take: I don’t forsee myself skipping out the door in a doily-esque dress like those seen in the runway shows, but done well I’d definitely wear a solid color skirt or top – perhaps some accessories.

“Highlighter” Neons

 highlighter-inspired neons are back!

My take: While I wouldn’t show up in a full on neon look, I’d definitely pair one neon piece of clothing or an accessory with neutrals, black, white, denim or the like.

Bermuda Shorts

My take: Proceed with caution! Bermuda shorts can go from classy to frumpy in a quick sec. Done right, they can be super chic. Think slim bermuda short with a blazer, a non-exagerated denim bermuda short is a dream come true for those of us who are absolutely out of the “hot pant” category. There is a right and wrong way to do them, but overall I’m in.

(Happy) Tiers

My take: Tiered dresses, tops, and skirts are romantic and give a high-fashion vibe. This one is definitely something to play around with. Just make sure you find something that will be flattering to your own unique shape within this style.


My take: YES. YES. YES. A personal favorite. Shoes, dresses, jewelry – bring it on.

Tie Dye

My take: While I won’t be sporting neon tie dye or anything psychadelic, there are some really tasteful pieces I found that I would definitely wear. See below:)

Polka Dots

My take: Classic style. Always a do. From dresses, tops, pants, headbands, and more – wear it your way. A suggestion and way that I plan to wear polka dots? In pattern mixing. A polka dot tee with a floral skirt would be fabulous.

Tell me friends, what do you think at this glimpse of style for 2020? Drop me a comment below ⬇️💬


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