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Have you already organized anything and everything? Cleaned every surface many times over? Or are you giving yourself this time to renew in other ways? Cleaning and organizing are always a go-to for me when I’m worried or upset…but not exclusively. I like a good organization sesh anytime! You already know that fashion and closets are my thing, but I am the same about pretty much everything if I’m being honest. So if you need a few extra ideas for little tasks, this post is for you!

10 Satisfying Random Tasks 
  • Clean your hairbrushes – I like to use my detox shampoo to soak my brushes for 10-20 minutes and rinse. lay upside down on a towel to dry.

  • Clean your makeup brushes – This one is so satisfying. If you run your makeup brushes under water nothing happens, but roll it around in the palm of your hand with facewash and you will be shocked at everything that comes out. If you don’t already, do this regularly!

  • Go through your phone photos and apps. Do any of your organize your phone apps in folders by color rather than type? I saw this tip and I can’t decide how I feel about it! An interesting lesson in branding and how our mind recognizes and associates brands/colors if nothing else!

  • Go through your purse and reorganize. Create systems to keep yourself organized.

  • Pitch any expired food from the refrigerator. It’s amazing how things end up living in our refrigerators way beyond their shelf life. Clean and organize! If it works for you, clear organizers within can be helpful.

  • While you are tackling the refrigerator, think beyond…spice drawer, canned goods, medications, the kitchen junk drawer, etc. – the junk drawer is yet another place I like to use a silverware organizer.

  • Laundry room, but make it goals. Tidy, inventory supplies, and give it a refresh.

  • This one isn’t as much of a check-off of your to-do list, but rather a “Have you thought to do this”. I drive my husband crazy because I am always moving things around the house. I like to freshen things up and keep it interesting! You can try moving decor items to new spots within your home without having to purchase new items. I keep some things stored so that I can rotate things around for seasons or just because.

  • Have an endless stack of magazines? Dedicate a couple of hours to going through them – you could even cut stuff out that inspires you and make a mood board. The rest? Buh-bye! Off to recycling.

  • Clean the inside of your car. Get your detail on and make it shine!

I hope you found this helpful! Share your projects with me and I will share them!

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I hope you are all holding up okay. It has been incredibly uplifting in a time of such uncertainty to see how people have come together. Each day more and more stories are being shared in the news and on social media about the good things happening. Families are connecting in new ways. People are doing inspirational things in a desperate time. I teeter between this reckless optimism and crippling fear and anxiety not only for myself or the people in my life, but for the many people sick, dying, or in financial devastation that means no groceries on the table or money for their basic needs. It is a roller coaster ride that I want to shut down.  I have personally rephrased “social distancing” to “physical distancing.” Even though I identify as a homebody, knowing the freedom to move about safely is something I am very much longing to have back again. I will value this time for what it is – a reset of priorities, a time to be productive, and most importantly bond with my family over things that we usually don’t make time for. That being said, there will be a new level of appreciation when we can again experience the chatter and laughter in a coffee shop or cafe, waiting in line at the DMV, HORSE SHOWS!, and the simple acts such as dinners with family and friends, gatherings around the bonfire, and the events that we usually look forward to all year never thinking that they wouldn’t happen. I remain so hopeful that we are all going to come out of this with strength and the ability to recover.


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