Hello Beautiful Friends,

Fashion malfunctions; we’ve all been there, right? From going to put on that dress for which you have no suitable bra to tired feet or overstretched earlobes – the number of scenarios that can arise calls for having your own fashion fix-it kit on hand so you’ll never meet a flop you can’t handle.

I’ve gathered several inexpensive but valuable solutions in an easy to browse and shop catalog. I’m here for you ladies!

You’ll find fixes for a variety of dilemmas. And if you are wondering if these things really work? YES! They do. You’ll be on the top of your ladies’ list as a go-to hero when said dilemmas arise. Static Schmatic on the go spray, weights to hold down your dress on a windy day, Still Standing foot spray, Blister Blocker, Sole Serum, and more!


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