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Continuing with the Style for EveryBODY series, today I am addressing how to downplay your midsection. That can be a difficult part of the body and where some of you might carry extra weight genetically by your body type or even postpartum. Part of having great style is dressing according to what flatters your body. If you are curious to learn more about body shapes or silhouettes you can learn about that HERE. 

Keep scrolling to learn some great tips for helping you with your style.

Style Tips for You

Shapewear & Bra’s that Fit

We should all have some great shapewear in our stock of basic wardrobe staples. Shapewear does not have to be uncomfortable or dread-inducing. Quality shapewear comes in so many varieties and can truly help smooth and shape to give you comfort and confidence. I repeat – shapewear is not a swear word! Having a correctly fitting bra is also really important. Head to your nearest Soma or Nordstrom ASAP if you have not had one in recent times. A nice wide band around with help smooth and make a significant difference in how you look in your clothes. 

Dark Colors

Wearing darker colors on top will downplay your tummy and make your top look smaller.

Small Prints or Vertical Narrow Stripes

Small prints and narrow vertical stripes work with you to downplay your midsection, while large prints and horizontal stripes can work against you in your pursuit. Be attentive to those details and how the lines will work for you.

Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are fun and flirty without making you feel like you are wearing a maternity top. The little added detail gives it interest and a relaxed fit through the midsection.


A wrap or kimono is a great light layer that can help to hide a tummy and make you feel more confident.


Tunic tops flow and elongate making them ideal for comfort. They fall nicely and avoid highlighting any lumps and bumps.

Draw the eye UP

Try employing a fun neckline or statement necklace to draw the eye up and away from the tummy. Even a simple V neck will do the job.

Wrap, A-Line, or Shift Dresses

Wrap dresses are a great option to conceal the midsection. Shift dresses fall straight and don’t hug any unwanted lumps and bumps lending to a nice smooth silhouette. A-Line dresses are another great option as they flare out through the stomach, hip, and thigh.

Long Cardigans

A longline cardigan creates length and interest that takes away from a troublesome tummy.

Cropped Jackets with a Long/Tunic Top

If you have a tummy, try styling a cropped jacket over a longer top.

Bottoms with Stretch

Opt for pants that have some good stretch to give you more comfort. I added the Spanx jeans to the shoppable photo in this post – because Spanx + jeans = WIN.


Opt for a fabric that is comfortable and not clingy. You want your tops to fall nicely without looking like you are swimming in it nor clung to every lump or bump.

I hope you found this helpful. Leave me a comment below and let me know! Do you want to save this for later? No problem! Pin the image below. Do you have a friend that could benefit from this new intel? Pass it on!

Do you have another area that you struggle with within the style department? Let me know as I’d be happy to create style tips for any problems that get you down.

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