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I did a thing. I ordered over 10 pairs of jean shorts to see if I could find that perfect pair for my body that would be flattering and feel good. After testing them all out, guess how many of them I kept? If you said 0, you would be correct. I did not keep a single pair. So let’s talk about that – Jean shorts are this universally known summer staple, right? Sure. But I can tell you based on my research that they are not the end all be all of summer staples and there are other FABULOUS alternatives to jean shorts if they just simply don’t work for your body. The styles I tried varied as well as the brands. Many of the brands are those whose jeans I love to wear and swear by: AG, AGOLDE, Paige, Frame, Good American, etc. My common fit issue with the shorts is that they end up being too big in the waist if they fit nicely in the butt and thigh. Some of them were also 100% cotton, take the AGOLDE Parker short a lot of people just love. That means no stretch and that does not work for my shape. There were a few that fit nicely, like the Good American’s and the Paige Jax, but they were a bit longer and I just didn’t feel good about how they looked on me. They just leave me feeling meh when I can feel a lot better in something else.

Side note: if you rock the jean shorts – you go girl!!! Some women look awesome in them and that is great!

Whether you like jean shorts or not, if you are looking for some alternatives, I’m here to share some of my favorites that will keep you cool all summer long.

Skip the shorts, go for skirts!

I love a good skirt. This summer I am especially loving tiered mini skirts. I’m not a short skirt girl if they are at all tight, but something that has a flowy yet flattering silhouette is my cup of tea. You can feel comfortable, cool, and put together. Here are a few examples:

Opt for flowy lightweight pants.

I love lightweight, airy, and flowing pants. They can be chic yet feel like your favorite pajama pants. Win! Some swear by linen, but I personally can’t do it. That whole wrinkled look that is a product of linen doesn’t do it for me. A blend can be nice. 

Hello summer dresses! I love a good dress, don’t you? They beat the heat while being comfortable and pretty. The options are endless! There is a dress for most occasions. Dresses don’t have to be “dressy”, you can find some great everyday casual dresses. 

OR MY FAVE! Jumpsuits and rompers

If it must be shorts, opt for something in a light fabric that falls nicely. Some shorts almost look like a skirt when you put them on. Another option is a more technical fabric or athletic style short depending on the occasion. Even better? A skort! They are a great summer go-to.

At the end of the day, don’t feel discouraged if certain styles in any kind of clothing aren’t right for you – there are usually some pretty great alternatives. The jean shorts thing has been something that has always bothered me, which is why I decided to go ahead and order a HAUL of them to try a big variety of brands and fits. While nothing from this haul got a gold star from me, perhaps I’ll find one in the future – and if I do, I will share with you! If you have any personal favorites, let us know in the comments!

You can also look at another post I wrote on this topic, here.

Reach out if you have any style questions or needs. I’m happy to do the work for you and take some of the stress out of getting dressed. 

This page includes affiliate links, which means I may get a small percentage of any purchases made through the links at no additional cost to you. I only share what I love, so know that your browsing, learning, and shopping is safe here!


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